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Multilingual is Normal Book

We did it! We published the Multilingual is Normal book, an anthology of sixty voices, talking about talking, in just one month from launch on 10th July to publication day on 10th August 2020!

This was my first foray into book publishing, and I learned absolutely loads about the process of pulling a printed work together. It was wonderful to get such a positive response to the call for submissions in July, and straightaway I could see that we would have far more than the 30 snippets I had originally hoped to achieve. In the end, we created an anthology with 223 pages of wordy wisdom and woe!

Reading through the submissions, which people sent from all over the world, was an incredibly moving experience. As you might know, I'm from a very un-multilingual bit of English countryside and was late to the multilingualism party. And it turns out, I'm not the only latecomer! Several contributors felt similarly shy about declaring their love for multilingualism, having grown up 'just...

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Let's Sing Languages Together!

resources Feb 08, 2019

Did you know you can download Babel Babies multilingual music, and find it on CD (with lyrics booklets) too?

How would you like to entertain your little ones by singing The Wheels on the Bus in German together? Or send your baby off to sleep with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Spanish? You could impress your friends with a rendition of Incy Wincy Spider in Arabic too if you download the Babel Babies Sing Languages Together albums, available on all good digital music stores.

Since releasing our two albums of original multilingual music in 2013 and 2015, Babel Babies has introduced thousands of families to languages from around the world including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Welsh and Arabic. It's a little language revolution waiting to happen on your school run, or in your kitchen as you cook the tea.

The idea is simple: we learn languages like we do music, through the rhythm and intonation. Before we pick up the individual words we develop an ear...

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App review: Unuhi

resources Oct 27, 2018

I'm always on the lookout for new ways of exploring languages with our children, and the new app Unuhi immediately caught my eye. We've been using it this half term to compare French/English and English/Italian texts and brush up our vocabulary together whilst on holiday, but it's also so much fun to change the two language combinations to languages we are less familiar with, for example to see Arabic, Japanese and Mandarin scripts. We are hooked, so I asked Unuhi founder, Mark Bassett, a few questions to get the full story.

Hi Mark, thanks for talking to us about your new bilingual books app, Unuhi. Please can you explain what the name Unuhi means?

Hi Cate, thank you for taking a look at our new app! Unuhi means 'to translate' in Hawaiian. It should be pronounced 'ooo-noo-hee'. I have heard quite a few amusing pronunciations though. Anyway, I thought it sounded fun and of course the name is relevant to what we are about.

Tell us a bit about what the app does and why you created it....

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Languages games & TV shows for big kids at primary school

resources Sep 01, 2012

Looking for some inspiration for primary-school-aged children to explore languages together?

If you’ve got a child at primary school or just about to start, and you want to find more resources to support their exploration of languages, you might like the BBC Primary languages site which has links to…

* the fab CBeebies programme The Lingo Show
* Snapdragon – games in Welsh
* loads of French games, audio and video.
* games and video for Mandarin
* and more of the same for Spanish!

There are lots more ideas for resources on our Recommended Resources page and you can learn languages together on our 40-week programme. Click here to start your adventure!

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