Cate & the birth of Babel Babies

Hallo! Coucou! Hola!

My name is Cate – languages teacher and mother of three. I'm the founder of Babel Babies online and our unique multilingual musical approach to language-learning.

I've been passionate about languages since I was a child and taught languages at all levels for two decades. In 2020 I returned to the University of Oxford to study for a master's in Applied Linguistics and now I am doing my DPhil (PhD) in Education. As part of this I’ll be researching how effective ‘singing languages’ is as a tool for learning them – as well as being lots of fun! I’m also really passionate about helping young children learn languages, and moving parents' and carers' mindsets beyond their learning experiences at school, which may or may not have not been so much fun.

Over the years I’ve acquired some specialist knowledge about how babies and toddlers learn languages. This is the inspiration behind our multilingual musical approach to learning – i.e. learning languages through song and exploring many languages at the same time, rather than just one at a time. So, Babel Babies online is a fun place for young children to explore different languages with their parents or carers in bite-sized chunks – all centred around singing!

My background & how Babel Babies began

My linguistic journey

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Meet our multilingual ambassadors

I am proud to be part of a network of multilingual ambassadors whose work encompasses ground-breaking research in neuroscience and linguistics, international expertise on bilingual education, and long-term commitment to the promotion and science of bilingualism and multilingualism.

I love talking about languages with them, and I’m thrilled that they’ve agreed to make up a crack team of Babel Babies language specialists, ready to contribute their scientific and educational expertise to your language journeys.

Find out how our multilingual ambassadors can help you

How our multilingual ambassadors can help your family learn languages

Our multilingual ambassadors are ready to help you along on your family's language learning journey!

Neuroscience & Language Webinar 

By Neuroscientist Dr Thomas Bak

Thomas will be hosting an exclusive webinar every three months for members of our all-star Estrellita package.

You are invited to send questions in advance and will be able to ask questions live on the webinar as well.

Webinar attendance is FREE for our Estrellita members.

To book, become an Estrellita Member - £6.25 per week

Raising Bilingual Children Seminar 

By Language Specialist Eowyn Crisfield

As part of your Estrellita all-star package you have access to Eowyn’s ‘Raising Bilingual Children’ seminar, which we recorded especially for parents raising children with multiple languages, and also for any teachers and parents generally interested in how children learn one or more languages.

FREE for our Estrellita members, who will automatically receive the seminar in their library on sign up.

To book, become an Estrellita Member - £6.25 per week

Speech & Language Consultation

With Speech, Language & Communication Therapist Weronica Ozpolat

Once every three months, Ronni will hold a day of one-to-one appointments that are available to book by parents on the Estrellita all-star package who would like to discuss their children’s language development with a qualified and experienced speech and language therapist who specialises in bilingualism.

Ronni will also be participating in live webinars and Q&A sessions.

Special, reduced price of £85 for our Estrellita members.

To book, become an Estrellita Member - £6.25 per week (plus one off fee)

Family Language Planning Consultation 

With Language Specialist Eowyn Crisfield

In addition, you are invited to book a one-to-one session with Eowyn in which you can discuss your specific scenario, and receive specialist advice regarding any challenges you may face.

Special, reduced price of £85 for our Estrellita members (usual price £150).

Only 4 spaces available per quarter!

To book, become an Estrellita Member - £6.25 per week (plus one off fee)

Meet Croc Monsieur

Meet Croc Monsieur – named after Cate's favourite French lunch. Croc is our Babel Babies' mascot, and he helps Cate teach you all the songs in our videos!

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Julie, Bristol UK

‘You will be astonished at how much your child is taking in without you even realising it and then suddenly they are singing in a foreign language and doing the actions. What a fantastic way to introduce them to languages. Cannot recommend the sessions enough.’

Kirsty, Gloucester UK

‘I was expecting it to be fun and beneficial, but actually my daughter seems so enthusiastic that I think it might affect her attitude towards learning languages later on, which is an amazing thing.’

Ann, Winchcombe UK

‘I would definitely recommend Babel Babies to a friend because it’s very different to anything else we’ve tried. It's a great way to introduce your littles ones to languages even if you don't speak other languages yourself!’

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