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Firstly, thank you so much for connecting with Babel Babies. There’s a little language revolution happening right here, and we’d love you to be a part of it.

If you have questions, there’s a pretty good chance something similar has been asked before, so you could have a look at our FAQs.

We also have a wonderful online community where you can receive help and support, day or night. And if you’d like to touch base with me, please use: [email protected]

We love a bit of post, so please send letters and parcels to Babel Babies HQ at the following addresses:


(goes through a letterbox)

The Language Revolution Ltd
Babel Babies HQ 47700
PO Box 6945


(larger than letterbox size)

The Language Revolution Ltd
Babel Babies HQ 47700
Courier Point 13, Freeland Park
Wareham Road, Poole
Dorset  BH16 6FH

Babel Babies is a registered trademark of The Language Revolution Ltd, a company registered in the UK (England) under number 11103794. You can contact us via email on [email protected], or by post at The Language Revolution Ltd, Babel Babies HQ 47700, PO Box 6945, London, W1A 6US