The core mission of Babel Babies is to learn languages together. This means exploring and developing language skills alongside your little one/s, but importantly, it also means meeting and connecting with like-minded adults who are on a similar journey.

The Babel Babies online community is a safe digital space where help, support and encouragement are always on hand from fellow members, wherever you are in the world and whatever the time of day.

Whether you’re new to linguistics, raising multilingual children, or teaching early learners, you have access to a virtual school playground filled with friendly, relatable people who are ready to ask and answer questions, discuss ideas and share the Babel Babies experience.

There is great power in community and ours is designed to facilitate a meeting of minds from around the world. There is no right way to do languages: it is all about what is right for you and your little ones, and at Babel Babies we celebrate and learn from each other’s unique approaches to exploring language.

This means that our community is not only free from judgment, but provides fertile ground for making connections and developing friendships that can span the globe and last a lifetime.