Supporting your family's language learning journey

The core mission of Babel Babies is to learn languages together. This means exploring and developing language skills alongside your little one/s, but importantly, it also means meeting and connecting with like-minded adults who are on a similar journey.

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A supportive community for all our members

The Babel Babies online community is a safe digital space where help, support and encouragement are always on hand from fellow members, wherever you are in the world and whatever the time of day.

Whether you’re new to linguistics, raising multilingual children, or teaching early learners, you have access to a virtual school playground filled with friendly, relatable people who are ready to ask and answer questions, discuss ideas and share the Babel Babies experience.

There is great power in community and ours is designed to facilitate a meeting of minds from around the world.

There is no right way to do languages: it is all about what is right for you and your little ones, and at Babel Babies we celebrate and learn from each other’s unique approaches to exploring language.

This means that our community is not only free from judgment, but provides fertile ground for making connections and developing friendships that can span the globe and last a lifetime.

All our hub members automatically become part of our community.

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Specialist support for families raising multilingual children 

Do you want your children to be bilingual or multilingual but feel a bit lost or like you’re just winging it with learning languages? Raising multilingual children is a dynamic and complex subject, and there’s a lot of information out there advising us of a million different ways of doing things.

In collaboration with our multilingual ambassador Eowyn Crisfield, we have two further support options for our Estrellita Members who feel they need more guidance on how to raise their children as multilinguals. Eowyn lectures on multilingualism in education at Oxford Brookes University and has raised three trilingual children.

Become an Estrellita Member - £6.25 per week - to access now
Become an Estrellita Member - £6.25 per week - to book your consultation (additional cost)

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The Language Revolution Podcast by Cate

Cate has been running a podcast over the last year. She talks about talking from a range of original angles, with educated insights from scientists, linguists, wordsmiths and other language-loving contributors.

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Julie, Bristol UK

‘You will be astonished at how much your child is taking in without you even realising it and then suddenly they are singing in a foreign language and doing the actions. What a fantastic way to introduce them to languages. Cannot recommend the sessions enough.’

Kirsty, Gloucester UK

‘I was expecting it to be fun and beneficial, but actually my daughter seems so enthusiastic that I think it might affect her attitude towards learning languages later on, which is an amazing thing.’

Ann, Winchcombe UK

‘I would definitely recommend Babel Babies to a friend because it’s very different to anything else we’ve tried. It's a great way to introduce your littles ones to languages even if you don't speak other languages yourself!’