Family Language Planning

Raising bilingual children seminar and private sessions with Eowyn Crisfield

Eowyn Crisfield lectures on multilingualism in education at Oxford Brookes University and has raised three trilingual children. You can read more about her journey here.

As part of your Estrellita all-star package you have access to Eowyn’s ‘Raising Bilingual Children’ seminar, which we recorded especially for parents raising bi- or multilingual children, and also for any teachers and parents generally interested in how children learn one or more languages.

In addition to the free seminar, you can book a one-to-one session with Eowyn for a one-off additional cost of £85. The sessions last one hour, and she will be running them every quarter especially for Babel Babies families, with only 4 sessions available per clinic. Once you have booked your FLP appointment, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out in advance of the consultation, so that Eowyn can familiarise herself with your family’s situation and specific requirements, helping you to get a lot of value out of your hour together.

Before the one-to-one you are advised to watch her seminar so that you are equipped with the necessary background information on bilingualism that she covers during the talk. During the one-to-one session, Eowyn can then focus on your family’s specific needs and answer any questions you have about raising bi- or multilingual children.

After the one-to-one you will have the opportunity to send one email as a follow-up – helpful if you require any further clarification or help following your consultation with Eowyn.

This is a really exciting and rare opportunity for you to talk to an international and highly experienced bilingualism specialist and to receive tailored, considered advice specific to any challenges you may be facing.

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