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Estrellita Package

Support and structure for all-star linguists

Are you raising budding multilingual children, either at home or in the classroom, but wish you had a framework and support system to work within? Then bienvenue, willkommen and welcome to the all-star Estrellita package! This is everything on the 40-week Par la Poste course, plus support from our team of multilingualism and education specialists, tailored for you.

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In addition to the videos, downloads and materials in Par la Poste, when you sign up to the Estrellita package, you will have access to a talk on teaching children two or more languages from international bilingual consultant, Eowyn Crisfield, and the chance to book onto her one-to-one family language planning sessions; access to quarterly webinars with Dr Thomas Bak, an internationally-renowned neuroscientist who will answer your questions about multilingualism in the live Q&A; and chance to book a one-to-one appointment with Weronika Ozpolat, a professional speech and language therapist who specialises in bi/multilingualism.

As with all of our packages, you will have 24-hour access to the Babel Babies community where you can share your language-learning experience, swapping support, encouragement and tips with like-minded adults.

Our weekly video sessions provide a context in which to teach the children in your care, as well as access to a library of free teaching support materials, Language Revolution podcasts, music streaming, and other helpful resources to support you during and outside of the scheduled lessons.

The weekly classes take the format of a gradual journey around a world map, learning songs in a range of languages. Each term we introduce new songs and revisit old favourites. Before you know it, your little ones will be confidently singing Russian horse-riding songs to themselves as they go about their daily tasks (as, no doubt, will you!)

As well as the online lessons and resources, your children will experience the joy of receiving letters and other items in the post from our mascot, Croc Monsieur. Firstly, you will receive a seasonal, beautifully illustrated Babel Journal with collectable stickers that celebrate the languages you have been exploring and skills you’ve been learning together. Each journal is a passport with a space to stick a passport photo, making the adventure all the more real. In addition, the postman will deliver colouring postcards with lyrics to the Babel Babies songs and a special birthday message from Croc Monsieur!

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Piccolina Package



Join me and Croc Monsieur for weekly class videos where we’ll go on a journey together, gradually learning songs in a range of languages, supported with downloadable lyrics and activities as well as our online community of like-minded adults.


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Par la Poste Package



In addition to the weekly video music sessions, downloadable learning materials, and access to our supportive online community, your child will receive a passport journal with stickers, lyrics postcards and a birthday card in the post from our mascot, Croc Monsieur, making their adventures with languages more tangible.


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Continue the language adventure by opting into our Encore package once you and your little one/s have completed the course. You will keep your place in the Babel Babies community and retain access to all of the videos and extra materials, as well as receiving new resources, webinars and fresh content from Cate and the other Multilingual Ambassadors.

"‘I'm amazed at how much my little girl has picked up.’"

Kirsty, Gloucester, UK