Why learning languages with your children is always time well spent.

language acquisition Mar 30, 2022
Mum and dad learning languages online with their baby girl, using a laptop computer

Learning languages is not necessarily just about the final achievement – being able to communicate in another language (which of course is awesome!) – but it’s also about the journey taken to get there.

And that’s why learning languages with your little ones, whatever the result, is always time well spent! Here are our top ten reasons why:

  1. Ignites a curiosity of different people, cultures & traditions, normalising diversity 
  2. Improves social skills
  3. Improves first language skills
  4. Helps strengthen learning in other subjects in pre-school and beyond
  5. Gives the brain a full-on workout, making it stronger (proven to delay the onset of dementia in later life by 4-5 years, from whatever age you learn)
  6. Improves memory
  7. Improves the ability to multitask
  8. Improves decision-making skills
  9. Boosts confidence in talking to new people in new situations
  10. Boosts languages confidence in grown-ups who may not have learnt them before

Most of us don’t go to the gym expecting to become an Olympic athlete… we go to keep ourselves fit and healthy. In a similar way that exercise is a workout for the body, language learning is a workout for the brain 🧠 keeping it fit & healthy now and for the future, along with supercharging many other cognitive benefits. Oh, and then being able to communicate in another language too? So cool!

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