Join our exciting musically-led languages adventure & launch your: 

🚀 confidence-building life skills

🚀 your little one's curiosity of languages

🚀 cognitive benefits for life!


Welcome to the Children's Languages Adventure.

The Children's Languages Adventure introduces you and your little ones to the amazing world of languages, using founder Cate's tried & tested multilingual musical method developed over the last 11 years.
The CLA is for children in their early years (from birth to around age 7) to enjoy with their grown-ups. No previous languages experience is required, just a phone or laptop & plenty of enthusiasm!
The CLA gives your children an exciting first experience with languages & boosts grown-ups’ confidence too! Forget endless lists of verbs and vocab, and explore languages through songs and stories with our captivating multilingual musical method.
After completing the CLA, languages and diversity will be a normal part of your little ones’ lives and they will have gained new skills that they can use forever!
The CLA will also transform grown-ups’ experience of language-learning to one that is full of confidence and great memories!

After 15 years teaching languages & 10 years running sensory baby-groups centered around languages, songs & stories; mum-of-three Cate has used all her experience to create a fun way for children in their early years to explore languages. 

Currently carrying out a PhD in education at the University of Oxford, Cate has developed the multilingual musical method used in the CLA that she has tried & tested over many years, to captivate little ones' and big ones' interest in languages!

This adventure is for you & your bambinos if:

You want to give your little ones a fantastic first taster of languages & build your own confidence too
You want good quality, bitesized resources that are engaging & most importantly FUN!
You want your kids to be confident in talking to new people in new situations & improve their first language skills in the process
You want your children to know about different languages & different places, long before they get a chance to in school (typically around age 7 in the UK)
You want your little ones to understand that there are different types of people in the world & diversity is normal
You would like a flexible, relaxed way of learning that is also structured, created by qualified people
You are interested in the science behind how babies & young children pick up a new language and want to explore this too

Learning languages with your little ones seems like a huge challenge, right?

Here are some of the thoughts you might be having:

"Surely introducing new languages is just going to confuse my kids. They only know a few words in English!"

"My baby is just a few months old, isn't she too young?"

"Lots of languages at the same time seems like a big ask..."

"I can't do languages with my kids, I was terrible at languages at school and don't remember anything..."

"We can't fit languages into our day as well as everything else!"

And all of this makes you think it's impossible… So you miss the opportunity to open your little ones' eyes, minds and hearts to different languages and cultures from a young age, and to boost your confidence too!

Let us reassure you, it is definitely not impossible...

Here are some of our adventurers singing in Russian, Portuguese & French!


Once you and your little ones complete the
Children's Languages Adventure, you will have:

Sparked their curiosity and love for languages from a young age 

You'll start them off on a languages journey long before they have a chance to in school with an exciting and fun first experience, and make diversity something they see as normal

Improved communication, literacy and social skills whether you’re a few months old or many decades old!

You'll have supercharged your social skills and primary language skills as you and your little ones understand how languages connect with each other, plus help strengthen their learning in other subjects in pre-school and beyond.

Helped to future-proof long term brain health in you and your little ones

You will have given your brain a full-on workout through the process of language learning - one which has been proven to delay the onset of dementia by 4-5 years in later life, from whatever age you learn.

In the short term you'll also improve memory, the ability to multi-task, and decision-making skills!

A huge confidence boost!

You'll have given your little ones’ confidence a big boost in talking to ‘new’ people in ‘new’ situations – whether they are speaking the same language or not – and grown ups who didn’t enjoy or even ‘do’ languages in school will have enjoyed a fun, bonding languages-experience that they’ll also learn from!

Fast-tracked languages to memory through the power of song!

Our Multilingual Musical Method will take you from not knowing any German/ Spanish/ Russian/ Norwegian/ Japanese/ French/ Spanish/ Arabic/ Portuguese or Welsh, to being able to sing popular songs and greet people in these languages, right from the beginning of the adventure!

Understood how to integrate languages into your everyday life, easily

The CLA has lifelong access that makes it easy to dip in and out of the bitesized videos everyday, and the activities will show you how to learn languages through play as well!


Aimee – Instagram

"SW is absolutely obsessed with Cate from Babel Babies! Been learning languages since he was a few weeks old with Babel Babies and he loves it and loves learning the songs!"

Jess A-T – Twitter

"I have recently started singing songs to L and we have a daily repertoire of songs that we sing, thanks @Babel_Babies! Who knew I'd be learning songs off by heart in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian and Russian to sing to L who now squeals in delight!"

Estelle – Instagram

"Enjoying coloring with @babel_babies songs 😁 Mr André is one of the most addictive! The family love the a capella songs...[ ] Nice moments and nice memories that would be useful in their future too."

But why should you choose the Children’s Languages Adventure?

The CLA has been written by Cate Hamilton – modern languages teacher, PhD researcher & mum of three.

Cate is currently carrying out a PhD in education at the University of Oxford and, as you would expect, she is all about finding the real science behind language acquisition (the process of learning new languages) especially in babies & young children.

She will bust some of the myths around language-learning such as the very popular “the earlier the better” claim, when there just isn’t enough evidence to back it up.

That means you can be confident that the CLA and our multilingual musical method is well-researched and evidence based.

And how did we get that evidence? From being a qualified and experienced secondary languages teacher, running mum & baby languages-based music groups for over ten years across the UK, along with Cate’s master's in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition she completed in 2021 at the University of Oxford, and her ongoing research there as a DPhil (PhD) student!


Cate's Personal Languages Adventure!


Taught English as a foreign language in Paris


Graduated from University of Oxford with a 2:1 in English & Modern Languages


Completed teacher training at University of Glasgow


Taught English & French in secondary schools


Ran parent & baby classes with a musical, multilingual focus


Graduated from University of Oxford with distinction in MSc in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition


Started DPhil (PhD) in Education at University of Oxford


If you've made it this far I should probably introduce myself... Bonjour, ahlan, ciao! I'm Cate.

As anyone who has learnt French will tell you, mastering the rolling of the Rs is no mean feat!

So, I was keen to speak French to my first child when he was a baby because I thought it would help him to acquire this skill early on.

And this simple ambition got me thinking: I was a new mum, and I didn’t really understand how babies learn to speak. I’d been teaching languages for 10 years but couldn’t begin to form a lesson plan for a small baby.

And, fundamentally, I had a lot of questions but I couldn’t find any answers! I was relying a lot on my instincts as a mother and teacher, and sought a bit of certainty about how this applied to my baby.

The most important thing for me was to pass on my love of learning languages, not to make him feel pressured to speak any specific one.

I collected children’s songs and stories in languages that I knew, and reached out to friends and extended family across the world to contribute further.

Before long I had an eclectic repertoire of nursery rhymes and fables in multiple languages that formed the foundation of the multilingual musical method which I used in real-life parent & baby classes for over ten years.

I saw hundreds of little ones and grown ups grow in confidence – not only with exploring languages but in many other ways too. 


So that's who I am, and now here's a quick peek at what you'll encounter on our Children's  Languages Adventure!


The Children's Languages Adventure is based on our unique & captivating multilingual musical method which Cate has pioneered through many years of research and testing.

There's now a place to go to introduce your little ones to languages long before they get a chance to in school, and grow your own confidence too!

So what's included in the Children's Languages Adventure?

Lifetime access to the CLA videos!

That's 30 videos brimming with songs & stories. Each video has a lead language and also features songs and stories in other languages too, so multilingual-learning soon becomes very familiar.

The videos are set over six mini adventures, where you and your little ones will build on the skills and new vocabulary you are learning.

VALUE £250
291 EUR / 306 USD / 444 AUD / 1125 AED / 41,708 YEN

Offline activities to explore languages away from the screen

Alongside each video are language-based activities for you to download for off-screen learning including recipes, crafts, colouring, counting, map-reading & more!

VALUE £150
175 EUR / 184 USD / 266 AUD / 675 AED / 25,025 YEN

Accompanying lyrics for all the songs in the videos

Every song in our videos has the accompanying lyrics for you to download & colour in – perfect for grown ups to cross-reference anything they are not sure about, and for little ones to transform into colourful posters!

We do recommend that you follow your child's lead and listen to the lyrics first rather than reading them – after all that's how we learnt our first languages, n'est-ce pas?

VALUE £100
116 EUR / 122 USD / 177 AUD / 450 AED / 16,675 YEN

Lifetime access to the supportive Babel Babies online community

As with many aspects of parenthood, we all feel like we're winging it at times! So our supportive community is there for you to ask questions and chat with like-minded parents also embarking on the Children's Languages Adventure.

VALUE £100
116 EUR / 122 USD / 177 AUD / 450 AED / 16,675 YEN

JOIN THE ADVENTURE TODAY! One payment of £39.95 for lifetime access!

46 EUR / 49 USD / 71 AUD / 180 AED / 6,634 YEN

A whistle-stop tour of the Children's Languages Adventure

Below you'll find a rundown of the languages, songs and activities in each mini-adventure. The themes covered in the mini-adventures are: greetings – hello & goodbye, how to introduce yourself in various languages, animals, counting, geography, colours, instruments, body parts, feelings, clothes, space, textures, shapes, transport, nature, sea creatures, weather, please & thank you, and food!


Through five videos we explore various languages including French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Norwegian & Russian! 

The songs we sing:

  • Hello Song
  • Tourne tourne petit moulin
  • Die Räder vom Bus
  • Se sei felice
  • Mestre André
  • La cucharacha
  • Ro din båt
  • Yekhali Gusàrei
  • Brilla Brilla
  • Goodbye song

Activities to download: 8 song postcards, saying 'hello' in different languages, saying 'goodbye' in different languages, colouring sheets & lyrics, Russian alphabet code-cracking, plotting where we have been on the map, lots of animals, saying goodnight, drawing stars!



Through five videos we explore various languages including French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese & German!

The songs we sing:

  • Hello Song
  • C'est la petite bête
  • Nella vecchia fattoria
  • Si tú estás felíz
  • Mestre André
  • Kaeru no uta ga
  • Alle meine Entchen
  • Giro giro tondo
  • Estrellita
  • Goodbye song

Activities to download: plotting our new adventure on the map, how to introduce yourself in different languages, design your own petite bête, star-drawing, discovering farm animals in different languages, discovering animal noises in different languages, finding out where Arabic is an official language on the map, recreating Mestre André's noisy loja, Language Detective – bubbles, Language Detective – animals!


Through five videos we explore various languages including Welsh, Arabic, Spanish, Italian and German!

The songs we sing:

  • Hello Song
  • Un bys, dau fys
  • Al Incy Wincy 'Ankabut
  • Si tú estás felíz
  • Mestre André
  • Fra Martino
  • Sur le pont
  • O meu chapéu
  • Funkel Funkel
  • Goodbye song

Activities to download: plotting our new adventure on the map, peepo, colouring sheets & lyrics, counting in Welsh, Language Detective – Portuguese, Language Detective – cooking, learning numbers in Arabic, learning numbers in French


Through five videos we explore various languages including Spanish, Russian, German, Portuguese, French and Italian!

The songs we sing:

  • Hello Song
  • Caracol, col, col
  • Babochki
  • Wenn du fröhlich bist
  • Mestre André
  • Frère Jacques
  • Vamos a remar
  • Trotta trotta
  • Brille brille
  • Goodbye song

Activities to download: plotting our new adventure on the map, making Monstor Snot in Italian, colouring sheets & lyrics, Roman numeral matching game, learning numbers in German, learning animals in Spanish, leaf-rubbing, word stories – where do words come from?


Through five videos we explore various languages including Norwegian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Arabic and Italian!

The songs we sing:

  • Hello Song
  • Bæ bæ lille lam
  • Mon Petit Lapin
  • Se sei felice
  • Mestre André
  • Bruder Jacob
  • Has sisan
  • Londres flambe
  • Estrellita
  • Goodbye song

Activities to download: plotting our new adventure on the map, colouring sheets & lyrics, saying 'goodnight' in different languages, recapping animals in Italian, famous landmarks, learning colours in German, animal sounds in Spanish, Spanish & French numbers, learning colours in Italian, recapping animals in various languages


Through five videos we explore various languages including Japanese, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Arabic & French!

The songs we sing:

  • Hello Song
  • Il mio cappello ha tre punte
  • Wir setzen uns
  • Si tú estás felíz
  • Mestre André
  • Frei João
  • Hode Skulder
  • Rame rame rame donc
  • Brilla Brilla
  • Goodbye song

Activities to download: plotting our new adventure on the map, colouring sheets & lyrics, word families, Italian hats activity, learning colours in French, Italian space activity, learning animals in Arabic, learning parts of the body in Norwegian and learning colours in Spanish

LET'S START THE ADVENTURE TODAY! One payment of £39.95 for lifetime access!

46 EUR / 49 USD / 71 AUD / 180 AED / 6,634 YEN



You'll also receive bonus resources to celebrate special occasions & enhance your learning experience.

BONUS 1: Birthday Video & Downloads

For your little one’s birthday we have prepared a special video that you can enjoy together, as well as some fun downloadable activities!

Enjoy a birthday cake colouring page and the birthday song sheet in Italian, French, German and Portuguese!

12 EUR / 12 USD / 18 AUD / 45 AED / 1,668 YEN

BONUS 2: Christmas Video & Downloads

This year, you and your little ones can enjoy some of the special festive celebrations from around the world with our bonus Christmas video!

Celebrate with songs and stories, downloadable carol colouring sheets, and a recipe for festive German biscuits.

12 EUR / 12 USD / 18 AUD / 45 AED / 1,668 YEN

BONUS 3: Recordings of BBLive Singalongs

Access to 10 live Babel Babies singalong sessions recorded via Zoom. See other families on their Languages Adventure, and bring learning to life! 

Bring some instruments along to tap or shake! 

58 EUR / 61 USD / 89 AUD / 225 AED / 8,337 YEN

WE'RE IN, LET'S GO! One payment of £39.95 for lifetime access!

46 EUR / 49 USD / 71 AUD / 180 AED / 6,634 YEN


YOU PAY JUST £39.95!

46 EUR / 49 USD / 71 AUD / 180 AED / 6,634 YEN

(This one-time payment includes lifetime access to 32 multilingual singalong videos & over 100 downloads!)


"Rabu was thinking of words starting with an 'a' sound and she came up with ankabut - from a Babel Babies session she did months ago. We've been watching the first week's video on repeat!"

– Rumana, Instagram


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