Everyone is already a linguist - YES even you!

language acquisition linguistics Aug 25, 2022

Do you feel like you are 'rubbish at languages’? Over my 20 years as a languages teacher, and the last eleven years running Babel Babies, I've heard countless adults tell me this and hope they can help their children skip this problem by starting them early.

Well first of all – if you ever feel rubbish at languages – you're reading this aren't you? That means you've learned at least one language already. In fact humans are great at learning languages, right from birth. Actually it starts before then in mid-pregnancy!

But we don't remember being actively involved in the language learning process because, well, we were babies! And then if you, like so many people, didn't feel successful at languages at school, you might not feel capable of learning new languages now. Let's be clear: if you do feel like this, you have probably just not been taught 'foreign' languages in a way that works for you!

Trust me: you definitely are capable. Everyone is a linguist already, remember? The key thing is to understand the process of language acquisition (that's how we learn a language).

Every single human is a linguist, from even before birth. People talk, it's just what humans do. 

Language learning is a PROCESS, rather than a product, and we all start our journeys somewhere.

Where would you like your languages to take you and your little ones? I’d love to know your goals!

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