The seriously cool benefits of learning languages!

child development language acquisition languages Jul 14, 2021
Little blonde girl with french flags on her cheeks having fun learning languages

These are some of the seriously cool benefits of learning languages:

🌍 Improved social skills

🌍 Appreciation of diversity

🌍 Can delay the onset of dementia by 4-5 years!

🌍 Can improve memory, the ability to multi-task and decision-making skills

🌍 Has a positive effect on learning other subjects

🌍 Hones problem-solving skills

🌍 Improves primary language skills

🌍 Languages will make you more employable and often a higher earner!

But really there are endless benefits to learning languages! 

Firstly, languages are an amazing skill that broaden our horizons in many ways. They open up our minds to cultures and diversity, and open up our futures to new connections, relationships, opportunities and even careers.

But the actual PROCESS of learning a new language – sometimes called language acquisition – is also very valuable.

It’s a complete work out for the brain and is an extremely active process that has many benefits.

Research published by Alladi, Bak et al. in 2016 showed that multilingual adults were twice as likely to regain normal cognition within a year after stroke and several studies show that the process of learning languages slows down the onset of dementia symptoms by an amazing 4 – 5 years! The best available drug doesn't manage anything like that.

Going through the language learning process also hones other cognitive skills such as problem-solving and decision-making, and improves our first language skills too.

Can you afford not to learn languages?!

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