Multilingual is normal - even if you speak one language

child development language acquisition languages Jul 31, 2021
multilingual is normal

Words please, maestro! 🎼

Yes, you are like a conductor directing a full orchestra of linguistic choices in your head.

Do you say 'hiya' to your close friends and 'good morning' in more formal situations?
What about different word choices for an object?

I'd call a bread roll a 'bap' with my family because that's what my mum calls it, but I never use that word outside that context.


It's all about fitting in when we want to, and our language choices go a long way to help us blend in (or stand out!)


Language is always being USED in a context, and we are super amazing at understanding how to flit between the registers, dialects, tones and vocabulary available in our linguistic repertoires.

And if we have multiple languages, that just multiplies the choices we have available to us!

I'd speak French with my Parisian friends, with a smattering of English words, and add in some Italian too as several of us also speak Italian.

What about you? What does *your* idiolect (that's your personal way of using language) sound like?

Is it the same as your parents, or has it shifted as you have grown up? Let's talk about talking!