The only 2 things you need when it comes to teaching your little ones languages (and it's not being able to speak them yourself!)

child development language acquisition languages Jul 14, 2021
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Don't you find there's so much conflicting advice out there on the dos and don't of parenting?!

It's definitely the case with teaching your children languages too...

  • "the younger the better"
  • "the more languages the better"
  • "too many languages and your child will get confused"
  • "learning languages when you're little will mean speech delays"

are just some of the things we hear. 

But we believe that to set your children on the right path for learning languages and get the most out of them you only really need two things:

1. A willing grown up (whether you know more than one language or not!)

2. Interaction!

This should be at the core of learning languages - whether it's one or many - and it's definitely at the heart of our language learning approach.

You, the grown up are the magical link between our language resources - the multilingual singalong videos & printables - and your little ones.

Your interactions will make the learning process an even more fun, exciting and valuable experience for both you and your little ones... simply by joining in, reacting to Cate & Croc and bringing Babel Babies to life!

For more support on how to do this, Cate is always on-hand to answer any questions - email [email protected]... just remember, being that important grown-up in your little ones' lives and getting involved too will make a huge impact on their experience with languages.

Most importantly, Viel Spaß! ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿงก

Ready to start exploring languages with your little ones?

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