How to integrate languages into your homeschooling, especially if you don't speak any yourself!

homeschool language acquisition May 17, 2021
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Whether you’re homeschooling a toddler or a six-year-old, languages could be a really valuable part of their day.

Here are our top tips to integrate languages into any homeschool curriculum:

1. First, don’t panic! If you don’t know any languages yourself or the thought is pretty
overwhelming… relax. This is a great opportunity for you to grow your own confidence with languages too!

2. Make time for it in your daily timetable and stick to it! It doesn’t have to be a lot of time… simply 20 – 30 minutes of exploring languages brings a multitude of benefits. Our videos are short (average length 20 minutes) so easy to fit in.

3. Find yourself some support. Whether that’s play dates with other like-minded language explorers or tapping into online support like our BB Community and live singalong sessions where we meet face-to-face on Fridays.

4. Use music! Music is the ultimate tool in helping you to learn languages. It somehow makes them stick – something Cate is studying more of in her Master’s research. It’s also really fun, and that’s why we’ve centred our approach around singing languages.

5. Read stories! Storytelling is how we all communicate. It’s really enjoyable and usually has a repetitive element so new words start to stick (in a similar way to singing!) Stories also provide meaning and context, and therefore help make new words and phrases become more memorable.

This is why we also read a story in the lead language at the end of each video!

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