Languages for a healthy brain?

Mar 22, 2023

At Babel Babies we strongly believe it is important to only ever claim something is FACT if there is the concrete scientific evidence to back it up!

Unfortunately, we do see lots of well-meaning but flawed discourse on here surrounding languages. Things like:

👉 When it’s best to learn
👉 The bilingual advantage
👉 The more languages the better etc

Quite often, the science quoted is very out of date or was from such a small study it’s impossible to find it conclusive.

Now, the flip side of this (so we don’t come across as too much of a party-pooper!) is that we LOVE talking about science when there has been enough evidence to make substantiated claims.

One such claim is that languages can actually SLOW DOWN the onset of dementia and also IMPROVE BRAIN RECOVERY and OVERALL RECOVERY following a stroke.

Better still, is that these cognitive effects kick in whether you start learning multiple languages as a child who has exposure to equal amounts of different languages, or later on life as an adult where you do not have equal exposure to different languages!

We are spreading the word that languages are a complete workout for the brain - to a point that there is an argument they should be prescribed by the NHS! There is no available drug that is better than languages at delaying dementia symptoms!

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