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babel babies Nov 02, 2019
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From January 2020, we will be taking a little sabbatical from running weekly Babel Babies and Bambinos sessions in Bristol and Cheltenham. It has been a whirlwind few months, with our multilingual method gaining attention from education policy makers and researchers across the UK and abroad. It's a very exciting time for language education and we are right at the heart of the conversation. In order to make the biggest impact on the future of language education for all children, we need to pause our weekly sessions with you and focus our efforts on consolidating what we have learned through singing languages with your growing families over the last eight and a half wonderful years.

We have been thinking about how to get our positive message about learning languages together out to a wider audience, and how to extend Babel Babies up the ages into primary school as well as geographically, for some time. Our team is excited about working on this together over the early part of 2020. I am also going to be involved in research into language acquisition and linguistics, looking at the impact of our multilingual method on mental health, wellbeing and attitudes to learning languages across the lifespan.

It's going to be really hard for us not to see you and your little ones for a few months, as we love every second of singing with you and seeing the children is the highlight of our week. However, the time it takes to market and fill up the classes is a full-time occupation, and we need to spend those hours on planning and executing the next chapter in our adventures with languages. If you have booked a Gold or Silver Plan and there are not enough sessions remaining in the next six weeks for you to use up the sessions, please drop me a line in December and I will organise a refund for you for any outstanding sessions.

We will be back with you as soon as we can in 2020. It's not goodbye, it's au revoir!

Keep singing, learning and loving languages together.

Cate xx


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