Welcome to Babel Babies, a fun, musically-led way to introduce young children (aged 0-7) to languages through songs, stories & play.

Start your musical language-learning journey with us. We will introduce you to 10 of the world’s most spoken languages. And don’t worry – you don’t need to know any of them to begin singing along!


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Did you know?
Learning languages at a young age has multiple benefits:

  • it’ll build your child’s confidence to connect with other children
  • open their minds to cultural diversity
  • improve their memory, problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • develop their primary language skills.

Our approach is entirely centred around singing and storytelling. Why? Because we know that through both singing songs and listening to stories, young children will enjoy their learning, and retain the fundamentals of new languages better than they would through learning via any other method.

How it works

Each week our members gain access to new multilingual language resources. Our videos have a leading language interwoven with other languages, plus the lyrics to download. Our weekly activities support the learning in the videos, and the live sessions are a way to connect with other BB members!

A pace to suit you

In total there are 40 weeks of videos and activities to enjoy, but you can go at a pace to suit you. Everything is stored in your BB account to access anytime. 

What you'll achieve

By the end you and your little ones will know:

- how to sing songs in 10 languages
- how to say hello, introduce yourselves and make friends in new languages
- key topics in several languages e.g. numbers, colours, seasons & animals
- tales from around the world

You'll also begin to understand the connections between languages, the various language families, where they come from and how they have travelled around the world throughout history. Invaluable skills for life!

Language superpowers

There are hundreds of benefits of young children learning languages. Here are some of our favourites: the ability to build relationships, connect more easily with people and appreciate cultural diversity. It’s also a fantastic workout for the brain and can improve memory, the ability to multi-task, problem-solving and decision-making skills as well as primary language skills!

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Why choose Babel Babies?

Our languages hub has been developed by Cate - a mother of three young children, modern languages teacher and languages researcher - with her team of speech and language specialists, including a neuroscientist.

Cate has been passionate about languages her entire life, and making them a fun, confidence-building experience for all to enjoy. She has recently returned to the University of Oxford to study for a Master's in Applied Linguistics.

Cate says, "There are no other early years language education programmes that focus on the study of multiple languages as opposed to a monolingual approach where you focus on one language at a time." 

Babel Babies has been created by language teachers & specialists and the multilingual, musically-led approach we use is a totally unique and fun way of exploring languages.

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