Welcome to our Explore page where we’ve drawn together a collection of free language resources for you to watch, listen to, read and download.

There’s a wealth of helpful information and inspirational material available, and we hope you enjoy exploring it for yourself.

The Language Revolution Podcast

Join Cate as she talks about talking from a range of original angles, with educated insights from scientists, linguists, wordsmiths and other language-loving contributors.

Recommended Resources

There are thousands of language specialists and educators out there, pouring their knowledge onto blog pages, online resource libraries and websites. Here are some links to Cate’s favourites.

Free Downloads

In addition to the fun downloadable activities that come with the 40-week course, here is a collection of free materials for you to print out and enjoy exploring together.

Sing Languages Together!

Do you listen to Babel Babies songs in the car? Or at breakfast time in the kitchen? Wherever and however you like to listen, you can access the music here.

Babel Tales

Are you sitting comfortably? Then it’s time to see and hear your favourite stories in a collection of special videos featuring Cate and fellow Babel Babies teachers, along with parents and children from the Babel Babies community past and present.

Multilingual Videos

And now, over to you! We’d be lost without our worldwide family of Babel Babies parents, teachers and – most importantly – children. See the Babel Babies magic happening as we sing, learn and love languages together!