Babel Babies has been helping families to discover the fun and joy of language-learning since 2011.

Read about their happy adventures with languages on our testimonials page.

‘You will be astonished at how much your child is taking in without you even realising it and then suddenly they are singing in a foreign language and doing the actions. What a fantastic way to introduce them to languages. Cannot recommend the sessions enough.’
Julie, Bristol, UK

‘I was expecting it to be fun and beneficial, but actually my daughter seems so enthusiastic that I think it might affect her attitude towards learning languages later on, which is an amazing thing.’
Kirsty, Gloucester, UK

‘I would definitely recommend Babel Babies to a friend because it’s very different to anything else we’ve tried. It's a great way to introduce your littles ones to languages even if you don't speak other languages yourself!’
Ann, Winchcombe, UK

‘I was amazed how quickly my little girl picked up the songs - even quicker than I did on many occasions! We both really look forward to the sessions and hopefully it will give my little girl a lifelong love of languages! She also loves the CD and insists we play it at full volume wherever we go!!’
Ann, Bristol, UK

‘We listen to the Babel Babies CD every time we are in the car and I often sing the songs to Sophie. I would highly recommend Babel Babies to other parents; it is the most enjoyable language course we've tried!’
Laura, Bristol, UK

‘I'm amazed at how much my little girl has picked up.’
Kirsty, Gloucester, UK

‘I love it – well-structured sessions, enthusiastic leadership and the best sort of educational learning that seems to occur accidentally rather than by Being Very Serious. Great brainwork for adults (and soooo much more inspiring than singing only in English) and jolly for the babies. I feel cosmopolitan and have a sense of achievement during a session, and the CD is brilliant for the car!’
Kate, Gloucester, UK

‘I love the opportunity to sing different songs, use my brain a bit and meet other parents in the community. We've tried loads of different classes, but Babel Babies has always been our favourite - the sessions are varied and interesting, with loads of different activities. I cannot rate it highly enough!’
Jodie, Bristol, UK

‘Cate’s sessions are friendly, warm and welcoming. My baby loves listening to the songs and exploring the various musical instruments I’ve found around the house. Good variety of songs that are very catchy! I find myself singing them around the house!’
Jessica, Cheltenham, UK