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Talking About Talking

Talking about where languages come from opens our eyes to Earth’s geography, history, music and culture, celebrating both the diversity and the shared characteristics of the human race. Talking about where languages may take us in the future could be your child’s first step on a path to multiple connections with people around the world, and maybe a more harmonious future for our planet.

I believe that by giving our children a broad and interesting introduction to multiple languages, rather than focusing on one specific language such as French, we can celebrate these human and historical connections, helping our children to develop empathy and a philosophical ‘big picture’ outlook.

We know that young children like to spot patterns and put puzzles together. This, and the fact that they are busily acquiring their first language(s), puts them in a brilliant place to begin exploring a whole world of languages. All they need is a spark of curiosity and a fun, playful context to become little language explorers, developing an open and receptive attitude to any languages they may encounter in the community, their school and their future lives as adults. At the same time, parents and teachers can grow their own confidence in supporting their children’s adventures with languages. It’s a journey you can embark on together.

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Meet Cate

Read about Cate Hamilton’s life and language journey from a childhood in rural Worcestershire, through early-years language teaching, to the birth of her three children and (in some ways, her fourth child) Babel Babies!

Meet the Multilingual Ambassadors

All around the world academics are studying the science of language, and a small number of these fine minds are now part of Babel Babies online. Meet our team of multilingual ambassadors here.

Family Language Planning

As part of the Estrellita all-star package, Eowyn Crisfield has recorded a ‘Raising Bilingual Children’ seminar and is also offering exclusive one-to-one sessions. Find out more on our Family Language Planning page.

The Science of Linguistics

There are all sorts of myths and misconceptions about both our own and our children’s ability to learn languages. We bust these myths with a library of animated slideshows on the Science of Linguistics, which will build up over time so keep coming back for the next installment.


The Babel Babies online community is a safe digital space where you have 24-hour access to help, support and encouragement for your journey with languages. Find out more and become a part of the community here.


Do you have questions about how language-learning and the Babel Babies course can work for you and your little ones? Rest assured, we’ve probably got the answers! Browse our FAQs to discover more.


Babel Babies has been helping families to discover the fun and joy of language-learning since 2011. Read about their happy adventures with languages on our testimonials page.

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