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Wooden Arabic alphabet blocks that are just as gorgeous for you to look at as to use to help with learning the Arabic letters in all their forms.


The 48 wooden cubes help you identify and understand the different forms of writing each letter (at the beginning, middle or end of the word) and you can use them to form words properly. The 42 full-sized cubes (35x35x35mm) are a mixture of letters and arabesque motifs, and the six half-sized cubes (17x35x35mm) have the accents.


We are the only UK stockist of these Arabic cubes, which are made by a bilingual French/Arabic mother in France who, much like us, was inspired to start her business Daradam when she couldn't find the products she wanted for her son to learn Arabic.



Material: solid wood screen printed on the 6 faces.

Manual: printed on the back of the box in Arabic, French and English.


Tested and complies with CE regulations.

For children aged 2 +