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Par la Poste Package

Expand your family’s horizons and make real connections

In addition to the weekly video music sessions, downloadable learning materials, and access to our supportive online community like in the Piccolina package, your child will receive a passport journal with stickers, lyrics postcards and a birthday card in the post from our mascot, Croc Monsieur, making their adventures with languages more tangible.

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Are you keen to bring the magic of languages into your little ones’ lives but feel like you don’t know where to start?

I believe that language is a passport to the world. It opens our eyes to our planet’s geography, history, music and stories, while filling us with curiosity, self-confidence and the chance to learn and explore together.

You may have enjoyed trying out languages at school, or on holiday, and feel that it’s important to give your little ones some linguistic skills. Or perhaps you’ve never spoken a foreign language, but wish that you had? Maybe now there’s a child in your life you’d like to include a new language in your day-to-day chat? Whatever your motivation, we’re so happy that you’re joining us on this adventure.

The Par la Poste package offers weekly video sessions where we’ll go on a journey, gradually learning songs in a range of languages, supported with downloadable lyrics and activities. Each term you’ll discover exciting new songs and revisit old favourites. As the songs gain familiarity, they become a part of everyday family life, and just like that, you and your little ones will have made the first step to becoming multilingual.

As well as the online lessons and resources, your child will experience the joy of receiving letters and other items in the post from our mascot, Croc Monsieur. Firstly, you will receive a seasonal, beautifully illustrated Babel Journal with collectable stickers that celebrate the languages you have been exploring and the skills that you have acquired. Each journal is a passport with a space to stick your child’s passport photo, making the adventure all the more tangible. A wonderful way of collecting memories, there is space in the journals to note down what your children are saying each week, funny moments and favourite stories.

In addition, you’ll receive colouring postcards with lyrics to the Babel Babies songs and, a special birthday message from Croc Monsieur!

As part of the Par la Poste package, you also have access to the Babel Babies community where you can share your language-learning experience, swapping support and encouragement with like-minded adults.

We passionately believe that languages should be embraced collectively, rather than one by one, and luckily children are great at inferring the meaning of words within their context, paying attention, and being “language detectives”. This course will set your child up with a big picture view of the world, and a desire to play an unrestricted part in it.

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Piccolina Package



Join me and Croc Monsieur for weekly class videos where we’ll go on a journey together, gradually learning songs in a range of languages, supported with downloadable lyrics and activities as well as our online community of like-minded adults.


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Estrellita Package



Trot the globe with Croc Monsieur with all the benefits of the Par la Poste package, plus gain support and insight from education and multilingualism specialists to help you on your family’s language journey.


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Continue the language adventure by opting into our Encore package once you and your little one/s have completed the course. You will keep your place in the Babel Babies community and retain access to all of the videos and extra materials, as well as receiving new resources, webinars and fresh content from Cate and the other Multilingual Ambassadors.

"‘She wants to go to sleep only when I sing to her one of the Spanish songs.’"

Amy, Cheltenham, UK