Meet Eowyn Crisfield

Eowyn Crisfield is a Canadian-educated specialist in teaching English as a second or foreign language, teacher training, and bilingual education. She has been working with schools and families in international settings for over 15 years.

Other than hearing Spanish on Sesame Street, Eowyn was hardly even aware that there were any languages other than English. Things changed when, in 7th grade, she discovered French and was radically transformed from a monolingual into an aspiring multilingual.

By her early 20s Eowyn had become fluent in French and had evolved from student of languages to teacher. Such was her interest in the subject of languages that she embraced sociolinguistics (the study of languages in relation to social factors) with specific interest in the relationship between sociolinguistic factors and children’s developing bilingualism.

As a new mum to her first daughter, she moved to Europe and these simultaneous life events provided fertile ground for her own family language planning experiments, but also for developing processes to help other families who wanted to raise their children as bi/multilingual as well.

Understanding the crucial role that schools play in the success or failure of bilingualism, Eowyn has spent the last 10 years helping to develop strong partnerships between parents and schools to best support the linguistic, educational and social needs of multilingual learners’ development.

Eowyn says: “My work with families combines my academic knowledge with the practical knowledge of the hard graft that goes into raising multilingual children. My own three children have taught me how individual each child’s journey to languages is, and even when you’ve (literally) written the book, you may still not end up where you want to be – and that’s okay.”

Eowyn’s ‘Raising Bilingual Children’ seminar and one-to-one sessions

As part of your Estrellita all-star package you have access to Eowyn’s ‘Raising Bilingual Children’ seminar, which we recorded especially for parents raising children with multiple languages, and also for any teachers and parents generally interested in how children learn one or more languages.

In addition, you are invited to book a one-to-one session with Eowyn in which you can discuss your specific scenario, and receive specialist advice regarding any challenges you may face. There is an additional one-off cost of £85 for this hour-long consultation, with only 4 spaces available per quarter.