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French Books

Fill your bookshelves with lovely French books! You can even let the children read them too. Peut-être.

These are some of our tried and tested favourite books from our baby language classes in Bristol and Cheltenham.

Chameleon board book.jpg

Il fait comment le caméléon?

This is one of our all-time favourite books at Babel Babies. We love making all the animals noises, and so do the Bambinos!

Enfin le paix board book.jpg

Enfin la paix

Poor old Papa Ours! Where will he get to sleep? And will he manage to catch 40 winks before the alarm goes off? Oh la la! 

Tous les bisous board book.jpg

Tous les bisous

Tous les bisous is just the cutest French children’s book about all the types of kisses: it does exactly what it says on the cover!

Alouette, gentille alouette

A classic French song that is brought right up to date with the colourful illustrations, feathers and other touchy-feely elements in this edition. We can’t read it without singing, so it’s a great excuse to sing languages together!

Le chassa à l'ours board book.jpg

La chasse à l'ours

Go on a bear hunt, in French!

Et le petit dit...

We love this book at Babel Babies. What does the little one say?

Ou est mon hibou board book.jpg

Où est mon hibou?

Where is my owl? A classic touchey-feely book

Oh non, George.jpg

Oh non, George!

Harris is off to do some shopping. "Will you be good, George?" he asks. George hopes he can. He really wants to...but chocolate cake is just so very delicious and he does love to chase cat... What will George do now?

Ou est mon canard board book.jpg

Où est mon canard?

Where is my duck? A classic touchy-feely book

C'est un livre

A wry exchange between an IT-savvy donkey, a book-loving ape and a mouse forms this playful and light-hearted look at the role of books in our digital age.

Ca n'existe pas board book.jpg

Ça n'existe pas!

A crocodile driving a car? Enjoy this book of funny French phrases.

Drôle d'oeuf

All the birds have laid an egg. All except for Duck. Then Duck is delighted to find an egg of his own to look after: it's the most beautiful egg in the whole world! But all the other birds think it's a very odd egg indeed - and everyone's in for a big surprise when it finally hatches.