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A mini-preview of the course video from week one:
- meet Cate & Croc Monsieur, our language pioneers
- learn how to say 'hello' in five languages
- learn 'Wheels on the Bus' in German
- learn the game 'Peepo' in French
- learn the first verse of the traditional French song, 'Tourne, Tourne Petit Moulin'

To support learning, download the lyrics to the songs in the video

For learning away from the screen, enjoy offline craft and play-based activities:
- leaf-rubbing with a French focus
- a classic Italian recipe for 'Mele al cioccolato' (chocolate apples). Written in English and sprinkled with a touch of Italiano!

There's so much info out there about babies' eating, sleeping & physical development. But what about talking?
- access Cate's podcast episode on how children learn to speak 

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