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Want to introduce languages at your Early Years setting?

Babel Babies offers early years languages sessions in nurseries, preschools and primary schools. Our award-winning multilingual music sessions are suitable for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and Key Stage One. Your whole setting can participate. We encourage staff and parents to get involved too, which creates a real feeling of excitement about languages and brings all partners together to enjoy learning.

"Babel Babies' innovative approach brings language to life at such a 

crucial stage for child development. It gives children the confidence to

 communicate in any language!”

Richard Cross, Headmaster, Berkhampstead School

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Key information:

  • Babel Babies is a linguistics course for early years. We introduce what languages are and where they come from, as well as giving children the tools to become lifelong learners of any language. It's a lot more valuable than just teaching them a few words in one language.

  • Our teachers are trained language teachers and linguists, and will be your in-house languages teacher. We will work with your setting to embed languages into the culture and get everyone excited about learning languages together. 

  • Our unique multilingual music approach is based on the natural language acquisition process. This builds on the way children naturally learn to speak through music and stories. It will feel effortless and natural, and everyone learns more whilst having fun.

  • Our songs are in ten different languages, allowing children to explore the world and where languages come from, not just one language. It includes everyone from all backgrounds, and helps children understand the connections between languages, developing their metacognitive skills too.

  • We have created our sessions and fine tuned them with input from neuroscientists, psychologists, linguists and educational thought leaders. We have our Children's Activities Gold Accreditation. Our teachers all have an enhanced DBS certificate. We've done all the research and have all our paperwork in order, so you can relax and enjoy the sessions.

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