The best way to learn a new language?

language acquisition languages Apr 08, 2022

STOP worrying about the spelling... and START LISTENING! We get it - it was ingrained into us at school to spell correctly - in fact it was a huge part of how we learnt English and other languages at school... So it almost doesn’t feel right to try to learn a new language without seeing the words written down. Do you agree?

But this was only how you learnt a language at school. It wasn’t how you actually acquired your first language! We all learn our primary language through listening. And amazingly, this listening starts from when we are still in the womb!

As grown ups it’s hard for us to not be preoccupied with the finer detail of how words are spelt, but actually listening is the first and most important step in learning languages.

That’s why we don’t include subtitles on our videos... as we are encouraging you to use your listening skills to their full potential! (Of course we have all the lyrics available in our printable resources for you to refer to later!)

Take your cues from your little people - they are not stressing about spelling but just enjoying singing along. You’ll soon find yourself singing Al Incy Wincy Ankabut when you’re next in the shower and suddenly realise you know all the words!

Being relaxed about the language learning process will make it so much more enjoyable for you and your little ones, and also be a much more effective way of learning.

So, forget the spelling and just listen!

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