How we make language learning so much DIFFERENT to your experience in school (& you won't be able to resist joining in!)

languages Sep 06, 2021

“I don’t want to be reminded of my {insert language} lessons in school” is one of the most common things we hear parents say about learning a new language with their little ones. 

But part of our little language revolution is changing adults’ experiences of learning languages too, so we’ve designed our hub to be something that you won’t be able to resist getting involved with too! In fact our hub is designed with the parent in mind as the key between the interactive videos and Cate (our teacher) and your little ones.

1. There is no pressure! Yes it's important to do a little each day to build up that momentum but there are no tests or exams. It's easy to go at your own pace and dip in and out

2. We explore languages through songs and stories! No endless lists of irregular verbs over here

3. We don't just stick to one language! It keeps it interesting and also helps you make connections between new languages as well as English

4. Scrap the pen and paper! We emphasise the importance of listening rather than worrying about how things are spelt or the exact pronunciation.

5. New videos & downloads are added to your account each week... It's like receiving a gift (of languages) each week!

6. We'll support you every step of the way through our online community. You can also talk with Cate - our founder and teacher - directly. She's always up for talking about talking!

Ready to start exploring languages with your little ones?

Join our Children's Languages Adventure! For just a single payment of £39.95 you'll receive lifetime access to 32 multilingual singalong videos & 100+ downloads, plus access to the BB online community.

Designed for 0-7s and their grown ups!



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