Let's talk about screen time.

Apr 29, 2022

Screen time is such a hot topic in the parenting world… is it ‘bad’ for our kids? Is it ‘lazy parenting?’

At Babel Babies, our weekly resources are largely based around screen time with:

👉 prerecorded videos featuring Cate and Croc taking you around the world on a musically-led, multilingual adventure


We use the screen is a jumping-off point for children to take ideas about languages and incorporate them into their daily life.

For instance, we hear stories of children setting their toys up and ‘doing’ ai olá ai olé with them, teaching their toys songs in different languages! (Please share with us your little ones doing similar things if you are happy to – we always love to see!)

🖍 We have created a huge variety of printable activities for you to support and extend the learnings from the on-screen sessions and put them into practice off screen. 

 So really, we use the screen to our advantage in introducing the incredible world of languages to your little ones! It’s a way to start the conversation about languages at home and fire up their imaginations, no matter how much experience or confidence you have with languages.

Used in this way, with YOU as the connection between the screen and your little ones, the screen is an incredibly beneficial tool! Our videos have interactive directions so you don’t have to think what to do on the spot. Simply follow the instructions and bring them to life at home with some simple props and objects!

Ready to start exploring languages with your little ones?

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