3 things you can do now to give your little ones an ear for languages

Jun 21, 2021
a mum and daughter looking at a globe

So, we know that languages, & even just knowing about languages gives our little ones so many opportunities in later life... But the thought of trying to learn a language with your little ones can seem overwhelming, can't it?

Especially if you don’t know any languages yourself!

Here are three ways you can give your little people an ear for languages... To set them up as language detectives for later life!

1. Talk about different languages with them, and point this out in their daily life. e.g. There may be other children in their childcare settings who speak different languages, or people speaking different languages at the supermarket...

Help them understand different people might speak different languages and this is normal!


2. Spend 20 minutes a day doing a language-based activity e.g.

- Discover together how to say "hello" or "my name is xxx" in a new language

- Sing nursery rhymes in another language

- Read about a tradition from another culture

- Look at different countries on a map


3. Find their favourite books in another language and read them together, looking at the similarities and differences between the words in the book and the words they use.

Don't worry about pronunciation - simply helping your little ones learn about languages is really really valuable!

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