picture We have designed age-specific Babel Babies multilingual music sessions tailored to the needs of your growing child. Each stage can be attended as a separate programme (it’s never too early or too late to start learning languages!) and each stage is designed to build on the last, so that if you follow the stages through from birth to primary school you will see the progression and deepening of understanding over the years.

Our fun progressive multilingual programme is fully aligned with the Early Years Foundation Stage and Primary Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 curriculum.

If you would like to book one of our sessions for your nursery, pre-school or primary school, please email info@babelbabies.com to discuss your requirements.


Babel Babies

Suitable from birth – walking

Introducing you gradually to your favourite songs and stories in different languages, we incorporate multisensory experiences into a lovely musical half hour that will give you and your baby plenty to talk about when you get home. It’s a gentle, relaxed and fun way for grown-ups to start or get back into learning another language, while exposing little ones to foreign sounds at the time when they are most receptive.



Babel Bambinos

Suitable from walking – early preschool

An energetic group focused around music and singing, filled with puppets, parachutes and props to keep lively little ones engaged as they learn their favourite songs and read familiar stories in foreign languages. Besides offering a vibrant environment to stimulate curious minds, the sessions are a great way for parents to see how songs, rhymes and basic vocabulary in another language can be integrated into the family routine. This is an ideal session for toddlers, pre-schoolers and their younger siblings to attend together.

After-school club

(age 4 – 7)

This is a fun, engaging music session that gives children a positive introduction to languages, supporting their learning at primary school where languages are now part of the curriculum (since September 2014). With our signature activities, songs and stories, parents and children will have fun singing and learning together, and before you know it you’ll love languages for life! Bring younger siblings along too and learn as a family.